Buty snowboardowe Raven Target MOZ 36 (23cm)

Raven Target MOZ

584.55 zł (584.55 zł par)


The MOZ binding system is a variation of the ATOP system, differing from it in design. Now the entire system is housed in one small knob. To tie the shoe, push the knob in, then turn it clockwise (clockwise). To loosen the shoe, pull out the knob. This quick and easy solution will ensure the comfort of tying your shoes regardless of the circumstances. No matter where you are, the MOZ system will enable you to get ready to ride in seconds!


Tips for selecting and measuring RAVEN Target snowboard boots

For this shoe model, customers most often choose the matching size by measuring the insole length of their sports shoes and adding 0.5cm to the measurement result. This means that if the length of the insole in your sports shoes is, for example, 28cm long, the most common size fit for this model of snowboard boots with an insole of 28.5cm.

In order to try on the shoe well, you need to tie/tighten it firmly, then in the standing position your toes should reach the front of the shoe (touch the tip of the shoe).

Then, after bending the leg at the knee (transition to the so-called snowboarding position), without taking the heel off the ground, the foot in the shoe should move back and causing a noticeable, slight play in the toes - then you can assume that the shoes are well-fitted.

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