Raven has been established by people devoted to snowboarding. Born in the heart of people for whom snowboarding is a passion, focus and life style. We remain true to snowboarding, and we thank you all for the support so we can continue to do so.

Our goal is to develop the best value for money boards on the market. We believe that the quality is something you can not replace with anything else. That is why, when our company was founded in 2009, we decided to launch the production of our boards in Europe in one of the world’s leading factories – NBL Sport. All these years later, we are keeping our boards unique, ensuring maximum performance and superior quality.

Another thing which makes our boards unique is the fact that most companies throw a middle-of-the-road board together and call it “all-mountain” because it’s nonspecific, but ours are specifically designed to tame any terrain.
If you drop cliffs and crush giant tables all in the same run, our boards will be definitely the best choice for you.

Our new collection again shows, how perfectly our passion can be combined with the newest technologies. The best examples are:

  • fully new 3-stage-rocker shapes
  • new LTM850 series laminates giving the board plenty of pop and great response
  • high density bases.